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“For the Love of God” is a sculpture by artist Damien Hirst produced in 2007. It consists of 8,601 flawless pavé-laid diamonds, weighing in total 1,106.18 carats (221.24 g), over a platinum cast, covering the entirety of the skull, with the exception of the original teeth.  At the centre of the forehead lies a pear-shaped pink diamond - the centrepiece of the work. All diamonds used for the work are said to be ethically sourced.  The piece cost £14 million to produce.


On 1 June 2007, the work went on display in an illuminated glass case in a darkened room on the top floor of the White Cube gallery in St James's, London as part of an exhibition - ‘Beyond Belief’.


It had an asking price of £50 million.




After the press coverage and publicity of the original diamond skull, I was inspired and fascinated by this beautiful sculpture.  I wanted to create my own personal version of it but being a little short of £14 million - it’s made from plastic, platinum coloured spray paint and over 8000 Swarovski crystals.


The title of my piece is “For F**ks Sake”.  There are several photos in the following galleries of both the completed skull and during the making of it.


If you’re looking for the real Damien Hirst “For the Love of God” there are a few comparison photos in the final gallery.



I hope you enjoy...